Friday, 25 March 2011


We also went to the British Art Show at the Haywood gallery. Some of my favorite works included 'Duncan Campbells' video; 'Bernadette', A study of a Northern Irish political campaigner and her relationship with the media during the 1970's, Bernadette Devlin. I found this work to be very interesting to watch. The feeling i got was that Bernadette was a bad ass woman fighting for the rights of her people, I liked her clever personality and the video in black and white was beautifully executed. 

I also enjoyed this work by 'Roger Hiorns'. The bench would occasionally be accompanied by a young naked man. The man was able to sit so still for a period of time. It was easy to forget that the man was real and not just a sculpture. As a stared at the man i wave of sadness came over me and a tear came to my eye.

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