Thursday, 30 September 2010

Changeling. This film inspired a few of my projects, the beautiful vintage aesthetics contrasted with the disturbing story of kidnapp and murder. Revealing the corrupted police system and people who control communities. I like the films I watch to install raw emotion although i do enjoy a comedy or romance now and then. This also applys to my art, making political statements that i would dare to express verbally.

I used the execution scene in one of my projects, typing up the dialog script using a vintage typewriter. Filming each letter in stop motion. The installation in which this video playes can be seen in my previous post.
                     Gordon Stewart Northcott, you have
                     been found guilty of murder, the
                     penalty for which is death by
                     hanging. There have been no stays
                     or reprieves, therefore the execution
                     will go forward as stipulated under
                     the laws of the State of California.
                     Do you have any last words?
                         (to chaplain)
                     I kept clean after I confessed,
                     reverend...just like I said I would.
          The chaplain nods silently as the warden looks to the guards,
          who begin to escort Northcott up the steps to the gallows.
                     Will it...will it hurt?
                         (no reply)
                     Please...not so fast...don't make
                     me walk so fast!
          They struggle with him now, pushing and carrying him up the
          last of the thirteen steps to the top. They tie his legs
          together, and cinch his arms tightly in place.
                     Thirteen steps...thirteen steps...
                     but I didn't touch all of 'em, you
                     bastards...I didn't touch all of
          They start to slip a black felt mask over his head and secure
          the rope. He looks desperately to the witnesses.
                     A prayer! Please, somebody, say a
                     prayer for me!
          The mask goes on and is tightened into place. The executioner
          approaches the handle that will open the trap door. The warden
          looks to the clock...9:59. From beneath the hood we HEAR, in
          a terrified, shaking voice:
                     Silent night...holy night...all is
                     calm...all is bright...round yon
                     virgin mother and child...holy infant
                     so tender and mild --
          Just then the warden nods to the executioner who pulls the
          lever and the trap door JERKS OPEN.

The fashion is also inspiring.

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