Saturday, 25 September 2010

ND art and design FMP


This fine art instillation project involved me researching execution, I watched alot of films portraying the subject and wanted to create similare aesthetics.

Evidence board, including photographs of evidence, police reports and other relivent objects.

I didnt really have a specific crime story, but the idea was somewhere along the lines of; rape and murder, really disturbing stuff.

The instillation represents the experience the inmate would have walking to his death.

Inside the box is a tiny slit that the viewer peeps through, headphones are worn too. Visible is an intimidating cell door. Projected onto the door is a continuious video, the video contains material which expresses a flashback, representing the story of the criminal and what events led to his execution.

Overall i intended this work to intall a disturbence and horror into the viewer. Alot is left to the imagination about what happend and what is happening.

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